The 24th Hainan College Students Foreign Language Speaking Contest & 2023 “FLTRP·ETIC Cup” “Understanding Contemporary China” National Language Contest for College Students (Hainan zone competition), which was sponsored by Hainan Department of Education, took place on November 3-4.

The contest was organized both online and offline, and competitors from eight universities and colleges in Hainan and in the pilot zone attended the event. After two rounds of heated competition, our schoolmates Ren Yutong and Li Minglu, who are proficient in the language and well-prepared for the contest, won one silver and one bronze award, respectively.

Ren Yutong, Class 2023, Electronic Information Technology and Science II  Li Minglu, Class 2023, Computer Technology and Science II


How long had you been preparing for this contest, and how did you prepare for it?

Ren Yutong: About one month, during which I read speeches from previous contests to build vocabulary, and tried, meanwhile, to compose two speeches. Mr. Blackwood, my English tutor, helped me a lot with my writing.

Li Minglu: It took me about one month to prepare for the contest. My tutor and I cooperated in it and communicated frequently, and practiced many times with textbook and on the internet. I had been fully prepared for the competition.


You have done a wonderful job. Do you have anything to share with us?

Ren Yutong: This is a splendid experience, and I am pleased to have won the prize in the contest. Writing has always been my hobby, and I believe writing is a powerful tool for communication and for self-expression. Through writing, we can establish a deep sympathy with others and the world.

I would like to say thank you to my family and friends for your support and encouragement. You inspired my passion for writing, and have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I am also grateful to my teachers. Your passion, sacrifice and diligence have urged me forward, and you can be assured that I will forge ahead with perseverance on the road to writing. Li Minglu: My gratitude shall go to my parents, my family, and my tutor. Mr. Blackwood helped me most in my English study. I am also obliged to BiUH and the pilot zone for the opportunity to challenge myself. I will work hard for more success. I would like to share with you my favorite verse: “Cherish lofty aspirations and wait for opportunities when you can sail far and rise high.”


Can we share your English-learning experience?

Ren Yutong: I have summed up my experience which I hope could be of some help to you:

1. Practice every day, even if you have a couple of minutes only. Your English skills, as well as your confidence in English improve with practice.

2. Create an English environment, and surround yourself with English materials like English movies, TV programs, music, podcast, books, and papers. They help you adapt to the language and boost your understanding. Learning English can be an interesting and beneficial experience. Watch your favorite English TV programs, or read your favorite authors, and you make English learning a pleasure.

3. Find yourself a language partner who speaks good English and is willing to practice with you. There are language learning communities, English corners, or language exchange groups that you may join in and get to know other language learners. You practice speaking and listening with them, and they help you master grammar and vocabulary. One more word, learning a language may take time and energy. If you do not seem to have made any progress, no worries. Just move on and be patient.

Li Minglu: Success is born out of faith, an undying passion and a relentless drive.
When I learn English, I try to connect with my experience in life, conjuring up a story or doggerel to memorize words and phrases, or grabbing any opportunities in class to communicate and speak up. There is no shortcut in learning. It is important to practice, practice and learn new knowledge.