“Work-integrated” – University-Enterprise Cooperation



Rooted in China with a global perspective, Hainan Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (BiUH) introduces the “Work-integrated” University-Enterprise Cooperation Talent Training Model of Hochschule Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences and Arts from Germany (HSBI). This model applies Germany’s advanced applied talent training educational philosophy and teaching methods to set up a bridge between students and enterprises based on China’s national conditions, culture and educational essence and starting from the perspectives of the Hainan Free Trade Port’s construction and development and the talent demands of Sino-German enterprises.


Guided by application innovation and oriented around the employment of university graduates and regional economic, cultural and social development, the talent training programs of the BiUH aim to cultivate the students into high-level applied and interdisciplinary professionals with a solid foundation in scientific theory, a systematic mastery of professional knowledge, a global vision, an innovative spirit and abilities in intercultural communication.

The University-Enterprise Cooperation program of BiUH will put the “Work-integrated” talent training model of HSBI into practice in China. Our goal is to pursue and maintain long-term and stable cooperation with enterprises and supply them with professional technical engineers, designers, as well as senior management while providing the students with sufficient internship opportunities. The organizational structure of partner enterprises shall be consistent with the requirements for the students’ long-term development. Meanwhile, the University-Enterprise Cooperation Department will organize interviews and meetings between the enterprises and students to promote their mutual understanding.


Head of the University-Enterprise Cooperation Department: Zhang Qiao

Tel.: 0898-32121692

Email: qiao.zhang@hainan-biuh.edu.cn