Journalist Question: Hainan Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is the first independent overseas university project in China, a landmark achievement in the early stages of Hainan Free Trade Port construction, drawing widespread attention from all sectors of society. Could you please provide a detailed introduction to the overall situation of Hainan Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences so that everyone can better understand the institution?

Prof. Dr. Juergen Kretschmann: Good morning everybody. Thank you very much for your question. First of all I would like to thank Hainan Government for its continuous support from the government and all sectors of society towards the construction of Hainan Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, we call BiUH. Now allow me to provide a detailed introduction to the university:

In August 2020, the Hainan Provincial Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hochschule Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSBI). In May 2023, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved the formal establishment of BiUH. In September 2023, the university officially opened its doors with its first undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Digital Technologies. The temporary campus is located in the Linshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone, but in September 2025 we will move to a permanent campus in Yangpu Economic Development Zone in Danzhou City.

BiUH implements German university education, adopting HSBI’s “work-integrated” education model. Our aim is to cultivate innovative, and highly effective talents, especially for industry. The faculty team meets the same standards as in Germany. The university is teaching in English. Our faculty is possessing international academic qualifications and extensive industry and teaching experience.

After nearly a year of development and construction, BiUH has achieved fruitful results in education, enrollment promotion, university-enterprise cooperations, and team building. 

We have established comprehensive curricula for Computer Science and Digital Technologies majors, based on our work-integrated course program.

Our first two research projects were successfully started and are included in Hainan Province’s higher education teaching reform research projects. Various distinctive practical modules will enhance students’ independent learning, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. And we encourage student to participate in interdisciplinary competitions and provided them active guidance and coaching.

We plan to enroll 280 students this year from 17 provinces and municipalities across China, with targeted promotional activities including high school visits and recruitment fairs. Altogether 52 on-site recruitment promotion meetings were held, involving 24 high schools and 28 large exhibition centers in 31 cities.

Furthermore, we have established strategic partnerships with leading enterprises like Crazy Sports and China Unicom Hainan Branch to provide extensive practical training opportunities for students. Of course, we are actively pursuing further collaborations with companies and administrations in the future.

Currently, our staff includes 29 employees, most of them having overseas study or work experience.

Students of BiUH can obtain degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Qualified students meeting specific professional and language requirements have the opportunity to study for one year in Germany at HSBI. This is the precondition to earn a double degree from both universities.